BibleDatabase 5.1

Contains the Bible, dictionaries and Scripture translations
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Read, study, and compare different versions of the Bible, Prophets, Books of Moses as well as Old and New Testament. Includes dictionaries and many Scripture translations.

The Bible is probably one of the most outstanding texts in human history. It has been translated to almost any language and presented in a variety of formats. BibleDatabase is a computer program for reading, studying and comparing these different versions of the Bible.

The program has a simple interface, through which you can access the different versions of the Bible. You can choose to display the list of all the books, or only the Old or the New Testament, or several other categories like the Books of Moses, Prophets, and so on. To display any of the books, you only need to click on its name in the left panel, and the full text will appear in the right panel. You can select and copy any part of the text to paste it into another application, like a word processor.

The program comes preloaded with the King James version of the Scriptures, and you can download other versions and translations to compare them by using the MultiBible feature. Also, you can download dictionaries and other complementary texts, all of them being completely free.

If you are a cleric or a Bible scholar, or if you simply enjoy reading the Scriptures, this program would prove very useful for you.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Useful for Bible learning and comparison purposes


  • Not many features
  • The interface is kind of unattractive
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